“Dr. Delgado, Jill, Anna, and Shelly are amazing to work with! Dr. D did my ortho almost 10 years ago and I love my smile. Dr. D is the only orthodontist I would ever recommend to friends and family. We really couldn’t be more thankful for Dr. D and his staff and for everything they do for all of us!” – Debbie
“Dr. Delgado and his staff are the best! Dr. Delgado fully explains, the timeline, treatment method and answers any questions along the way. His staff is always friendly and helpful. Convenient hours, convenient location, great doctor, and a great staff…the choice is clear!!” – Cathy
“We have been going to Dr. Delgado for five years for a reason. Dr. Delgado and his staff have always been very nice and accommodating. I love it that Dr. Delgado’s office always calls the day before to remind us of our appointment the following day. Thank you for continuing to give us great experiences.” – Vicky
“I have a child with medical issues that are rare. I spoke with Dr. Delgado at length and gave him research that I had gathered. He asked me for a year to study. I love that he takes the time to listen and research. I would give him 5 stars. The front desk is awesome, I would give them 5 stars as well.” – Len
“Everyone at Delgado Orthodontics is friendly & caring! They remember names & really care about their patients!! They’re also wonderful about giving back to the community!” – Kelly
“Delgado Orthodontics is my first and only recommendation for ortho. Dr. Delgado did a professional job of explaining the treatment that my children would undergo and the length of time it would take. I look forward to seeing my girls’ beautiful teeth when they are finished with treatment. Thank you so much for all you do!” – Brenda