the 6 best techniques for teeth alignmentHaving a beautiful smile will boost your self-confidence and also impact the overall quality of your life. The most ill-fated thing that can ever happen to you is the lack of straight teeth alignment. This will give you an imperfect and shy smile due to fear of criticism. An imperfect teeth alignment can either be hereditary or can be caused by poor dental health. Either way, it can be rectified using different techniques especially if you consider cosmetic dentistry.

Here are the 6 best techniques for teeth alignment:

1. Regular Brackets
These brackets are made of metal and are very reliable. Your dentist can effectively use them when straightening your teeth. They can be made more attractive by adding some colorful bands, which will act as a fashion statement, thus giving you confidence to walk around with them. The only drawback of these brackets is that they have an aesthetic disadvantage.

2. Lingual Orthodontics
These are brackets which your dentist will fix on the inner side of the teeth, making them invisible when you smile.  Since the brackets are hidden at the back of your teeth, the aesthetic advantage is obvious. You can use this technique for treatment of most orthodontic cases, although the alignment period is longer.

3. Invisalign
In this alignment technique, Invisalign is custom made invisible brackets that will be used to align your teeth. It is very advantageous to you as the patient, since they have perfect dental aesthetics. You can remove from the mouth at any time without any complications. The disadvantages of this technique are that you will incur high treatment cost, and also the alignment process will take longer.

4. Use of AcceleDent
This is a device that emits random vibrations thus triggering biological reactions in your gum. These biological reactions ensure that tooth movement is accelerated, hence reducing the teeth alignment period by up to 50%. You will only need 20 minutes of treatment time every day. This device is compatible with all types of orthodontic appliances which makes it effective at times of essence, such as when you have meetings or trips.

5. Dental Veneers
You can use dental veneers to fix minor gaps within your teeth and also straighten them. These veneers will help align your teeth without subjecting you to metal wires and brackets. Veneers are thin shells made of resin or porcelain composites. Your dentist will need to bond them at the front of your teeth using a unique dental cement. These veneers will not only give you perfectly aligned teeth but also help to cover your chipped and discolored teeth.

6. Teeth Alignment Surgery
This is a surgical procedure that your dentist can perform regardless of your age. This procedure is only recommended if your teeth are greatly misaligned, and there are problems with your jawbone. Before the surgery, your dentist should fix orthodontic braces on your teeth. The surgery should be conducted under general anesthesia, after which your dentist will fix back the braces to help you through the healing process, and to ensure a perfect alignment.

Evidently, a straight dental alignment is very essential when it comes to your confidence aesthetic advantage. You do not need to panic in case your teeth are misaligned, but rather, you should visit your local dentist who will suggest the best teeth alignment technique. After either of the above alignment technique is administered, you will no doubt have a perfect teeth alignment.

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